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XQDesigns aka Jane Chew is the chief editor behind 2 popular jewelry making blogs and websites: Handmade Jewelry Club and DIY Lessons. She started jewelry making as a hobby few years ago and was amazed how she can transform beads, wire or even recycled items into beautiful jewelries. She got addicted to jewelry making and the hobby has became her creative outlet during her leisure time. She has subsequently authored and published jewelry making tutorials as way of sharing and funding the expensive hobby! You can find most of her ebooks at DIY Lessons.

Where to find XQDesigns
Blog: Handmade Jewelry Club
Tutorials: DIY Lessons
Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/# /pages/Handmade-Jewelry-Jewellery-Club/49396535268
Twitter: http://twitter.com/# /diylessons
Youtube: http://www.youtube.com/...ewelryClub?feature=mhsn


Profile Link: http://www.WireWrap.org/XQDesigns

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